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Fresh look!

We have gotten a new fresh look. Welcome to the new DieselMC Website!

Also, as posted in our News topic, we are adding bedwars to DieselMC. Stay tuned!

- DieselJS

New Server!

Bedwars is coming to DieselMC!

Yes that's right, we have one new server space and Bedwars is moving in! Woop! We have also moved our Proxy Server to a new location to guarantee 24/7 uptime. We have new ranks, which you can purchase at our Store. Anything else? Well yes, our new Bedwars Server will also have an online stats leaderboard, so keep checking the forums for updates!


I, ...

Network Changes

As few people may know, I am working on a revamp of the entire network.


I will be adding new game modes, new servers and re-making previous ones.

Hacker Survival will stay, as well as BlockParty, but it might be the case of moving the BlockParty server to a whole Minigames type server to provide other similar Minigame style games room in the network.

I will posts updates on here and major changes are logged separately in the Changes Forum. Our Discord Server is also a place to view updates on the server, we have a dedicated channel with no pings to server updates and channels wi...

Status Page

The Status Page ( will no-longer show node status.

As we are expanding the network we need more room for server status.

Server Downtime Update

Our Hacker Survival Server has encountered serious crashes and errors, I am working quickly to get these fixed to get the server back online. It is unacceptable that two servers are offline.

I apologise for any inconveniences.

- DieselJS

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